red wine youth pillThe great debate over how drinking red wine impacts aging in humans reaches a breakthrough. According to this Wired article, scientists for the first time have proof in human subjects that a derivative of an ingredient in red wine combats some symptoms of aging.

Not that any of this really matters. The benefits for drinking red wine far outweigh any possible aging combat benefits. And besides, the longer you are around then the more toxic air you get to breathe, so I don’t see how combating the aging process does us any good.

I don’t mean to be negative or pessimistic, but we really put a lot of stock in to the longevity of life. Especially considering the fact that it is the quality of one’s life that is important, not the length of your life.

So drink up. Red Wine is one of the exquisitely authentic pleasures in our time here on Earth regardless of how it combats the inevitable aging process.


2005 G5 GarnachaNothing comes to mind on this wine. It has been so long since I had it that I am not recalling what it was like. The label is cool, but other than that I don’t really know what to say. I can’t even find a good description of it online. In fact, the label you see is for the G5. I technically have the G-1 sitting here and the label is black. I guess this entry will just have to serve as a placeholder for anyone who stumbles upon this entry and has some input about it. Maybe if I come across it again I will buy another bottle just so I can have something to comment on for this wine. Please leave your comments if you know it.

orca iiHere is a tasty French that has body, flavor, and not too much oak. I picked it up just tonight at a PA Wine & Spirits Shoppes on display for $16. I am delightfully pleased, especially since French wines in PA are typically a disappointment.

The wine was difficult to locate online and therefore I had to take my own picture of the label. The only usable description of the wine I came across is the same one on the promo board at the Shoppe. But anyway, this is a good and tasty wine with the right balance of body and flavor that I recommend. Make it a house wine if it fits your price range.

“This serious, dense ruby/purple-colored 2003 Cotes du Ventoux reveals a hint of background oak, but is dominated by its Grenache component (80% of the blend along with 20% Syrah). It exhibits abundant aromas of kirsch liqueur, licorice, and Provencal herbs. Full-bodied, fleshy, round, opulent, and seductive, it should be consumed over the next 1-3 years.”

Although this wine was extremely difficult to find online, at least for a good label shot and a description, it does not appear to be too difficult to obtain in a store. I was able to see this wine referenced on a few sites but in regards to a picture and a description, well, that was more challenging.

Tonight my wife and I tried the 2003 vintage and it was completely enjoyable. Like all French reds, it needed some breathe time. The wine was well rounded as Bordeaux typically are but it had more body than you would expect from a Bordeaux. Maybe a couple more years would be good for this vintage.

Anyway, here are some links to information about this wine. Looks like it was wine of the week for Chicago Tribune in October 2006. I recommend this wine mainly because of the price (under $15). It is easy to drink in that it has a balanced flavor and a medium body that can satisfy most moods.

This wine on
This wine on Chicago Tribune site
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2003 Louis Latour MarsannayThis was my first exposure to Marsannay. I believe that I purchased the bottle from Village Corner in Ann Arbor, MI because I have been avoiding French wines in PA stores lately, but I do not recall the price tag on it. I suspect it was near the $20 mark which I think is a good buy.

The texture was silky and the body was exactly what a good Burgundy should be. The flavor was a bit mild for me and somewhat on the sweet side, but certainly not overwhelmingly sweet in any way. Overall it was a pleasant and enjoyable bottle.

Here is a good tid bit for you on this wine from

Deep ruby in colour, this wine from the northern Côte d’Or has a clean nose filled with woodspice and cedarwood aromas. In the mouth the red fruit flavours are at the fore with that spice showing itself again along with some gamey flavours. A rounded and powerful wine which is tasting beautifully now but could also be put down for a couple of years. Tasted 25/02/05. Vinification: Traditional open vat fermentation followed by 18 months ageing in oak cask.

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Notarpanaro 1999Not much to rave about on this one. In fact, I had trouble even locating it online. The only decent take I found on the Web about this one was on another wine blog. This wasn’t my style of wine. It never opened up to the point I expected, which seems to be the case for a lot of Italian wines in my opinion. They just don’t do it like the French with the whole breathing factor. Anyway, I am not going to say much here. Check out the experience shared so excellently on the other blog I mentioned. I don’t really recommend this wine nor would I buy it again, but I could handle having it served to me.

Brancott 2004 Pinot Noir Marlborough Reserve Now here is a great buy. I don’t recall what compelled me to purchase this bottle but I am glad that I did. This is a New Zealand Pinot and it has really sparked my interest. It has been more than a week since I actually drank it (I backdated this entry) so I do not recall the details of its flavor and texture and all, but I do remember enjoying it quite a bit and kept the empty bottle around so I could write about it when I had time.

Here is a description for you from

Deep garnet red. The wine shows fragrant wild berry aromas, dark plum, a hint of tobacco and fine intergrated oak toast. The palate also shows these dark berry fruits and exhibits a mouth-filling, ripe fruit sweetness. Soft, supple tannins give this wine excellent mouth-feel.

Priced just more than $10, I highly recommend this selection if you come across it. I had the Reserve so I can’t speak for the other grade.

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